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Un nouvel acteur du financement pour agir

Connecticut, Geneva, Gland, Paris, November 19, 2020] – Pegasus Capital Advisors (Pegasus), the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), BNP Paribas, Gold Standard, and R20 – Regions of Climate Action today launched the Sub-national Climate Finance Initiative (SCF), a novel global funding instrument to mitigate climate change and strengthen community resilience projects, with an initial commitment of up to USD 150 million from the Green Climate Fund (GCF). Mid-sized infrastructure projects at a sub-national level (e.g. municipalities, provinces) of around USD 30 to 50 million are playing a central role in improving the resilience of local communities to the impacts of climate change, especially in developing countries. However, the comparatively smaller size of these projects has historically limited their access to traditional investors, thereby creating a funding gap. As an innovative global blended finance initiative, SCF will seek to scale this untapped market of mid-scale climate resilient and low-carbon infrastructure, regenerative agriculture and nature-based solutions in developing countries through four key components:

  1. (i) An investment fund managed by Pegasus, which will invest in a global portfolio of mid-sized infrastructure projects in the fields of sustainable energy, waste and sanitation, and nature- based solutions in developing countries;

  2. (ii) A grant-funded dedicated technical assistance facility managed by IUCN with a target size of USD 28 million, of which USD 18.5 million have already been committed by the GCF. Through this facility, IUCN will provide technical assistance in identifying suitable projects for the fund to invest in, and train implementers to ensure that projects are feasible and deliver environmental and social benefits in addition to financial performance. Key indicators will be developed in order to measure and monitor the projects’ contribution to Sustainable Development Goals and Nature-based Solutions. The initiative will also feature third-party certification to verify social and environmental impacts;

  3. (iii) The Green Climate Fund (GCF) as an anchor investor and partner has already approved a commitment to a first-loss tranche of up to USD 150 million to the investment fund, which is intended to mitigate risk to private investors at the fund level, thereby bridging the gap between public and private investors. The remaining amount will be raised from a pool of traditional investors;

  4. (iv) A partnership of consortium members providing leading expertise along the entire value chain. In addition to Pegasus and IUCN, the Consortium also includes BNP Paribas as administrator, custodian and distribution partner; Gold Standard as a leading third-party impact certification and R20 – Regions for Climate Action, supporting capacity building and project development;

Travaillant avec le R20 depuis plusieurs années, la création de ce Fond est une très bonne nouvelle pour les porteurs de projets environnementaux dans les pays du Sud



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